Facebook or Twitter? Social Media Marketing Tips for 2013

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Social media marketing is not about you, but your clients. Facebook may interest you personally, however, do your clients use it? For example, if your clients are primarily located in China, Sina Weibo, a social networking platform, may be your best bet instead of Twitter. Why? According to Mashable.com, Weibo has more than twice as many users as Twitter in China. Use the following tips to become more effective with your social media marketing strategy:

  • Become your client — Understand the needs of your clients. Which social networking platforms do your clients primarily use? Understand your clients and why they use social networks. Have you polled them to understand their needs? Be sure to ask about their social media usage.
  • Review analytics — Review your analytics weekly. Take a look at which social networks generate the strongest numbers and adjust your strategy accordingly. Your competitors may promote on one network, but that doesn’t mean you should do the same. Your clients are unique.
  • Establish connections — Establish connections with your clients. If they reach out through Twitter, respond through Twitter; don’t place the burden on them. Do not take the conversation elsewhere, unless your client is okay with the switch.

Apply these strategies for your clients, and expect a return of investment. MSPs can connect with clients in the new year by understanding the needs of their clientele.




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